Peppa Pig Character Toys

Peppa pig
Peppa Pig toys are quite popular character toys and therefore are immensely loved amongst children providing imagination and role play. She features in a children's demonstrate that shows lifespan of Peppa , family. Peppa and his awesome friends go to playgroup, visit their grand parents and ride their bikes from the play area, frolic near the water amongst a complete range of other play activities.

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One of her favourite things is to do is begin large muddy puddles. She'll be very bossy, often taking a lead role in school activities and games along with her friends, and is a lttle bit mean to her little brother George who usually cry a whole lot with rainbow-like arcs of tears. Peppa's favourite toy is her Teddy, while George's is "Mr Dinosaur," the other of his traits is he could only say "Dine-saw".

Peppa Pig toy range includes many role-play items from Peppa Bathtime Boat, Camper Van Playset, Deluxe Playhouse, Peppa Hide and go seek, Princess Peppa Royal Carriage, Spaceship and Peppa's playground pals.

Toys coming soon:

The Peppa Pig range will soon be for sale in large scale role-play sets and wooden and battery powered wheeled toys. Be aware of an outside toy selection of toys including prams and pushchairs, and also a Patio Set which can be launching for spring/summer 2009.

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